Physical GPU mining rigs connected to a digital NFT, by Crypto Caverns.

Start your own mine- in your pocket!

Gen 0 :: May 31 – 3pm Eastern US
Rig: 8x NVIDIA P106-100 6GB
Ethash Hashrate: 160 to 180 MH/S
Cost: 2989 DAI (Includes $700 in power)

Gen 0 Holders get automatic front-of-line WL and 5% off all future mints until 6/1/2023

  • Hosted Hardware

    Your hardware is safe with North America's only A+ BBB Accredited GPU Mining Company. Use your NFT to sign gasless messages to send commands, update settings, or get support.

  • Unboxed

    No boxes, no tape, no postage, and lower selling fees than you would be charged on any other online marketplace. No guessing if you'll get a half-dead unit, and no worrying that the buyer will try to issue a chargeback.

  • Optional Buyouts

    Can't wait to move your gear? Crypto Caverns will make a no-obligation offer on your equipment at current market rates. Let us know through the DApp!

  • Rig Up IRL

    Is your gear so near and dear that you can't ever bear to part? Miss the unboxing experience? Sign a message with your wallet, supply us your information and we'll ship your unit to you.

Online Guarantee

All rigs will be operational while hosted with a guaranteed 95%+ uptime. Burnt cards will be replaced, and internet connectivity problems are on-us. Any shortfalls will be paid quarterly.

Buyout offers contingent on sanctioned Individuals check.

Crypto Caverns cannot ship hardware to countries sanctioned by the US.